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Who we are?

Norton Bridge Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd is private limited liability company registered in Sri Lanka founded in year 2013.At its establishment, the company secured and consolidated a diversified areas of product & service portfolios. The company now plays an active role in stimulating and guiding the development of its constituent activities, established entities and specialists in their own fields.

Focused investments are carried out directly or via the holding company across a wide range of industries and asset classes, including exports of fresh produce food stuffs, spices & value added teas and coffee including organic infusions and energy drinks, coconuts and related by products. The company also provides project consultancy services for direct foreign investment in medium and large scale infrastructure projects and is also into commercial real estate activities, power generation,

Since year 2018, the company ventured in to off shore trading, teaming up with several well-established overseas suppliers and principals becoming a global player in serving the health care sector & Ayurveda Services since the outbreak of Covid-19. From supplying Personal protection Equipment known as the PPE industry from supplier of Covid Vaccines and most other drugs and treatments, teaming up with similar entities around the globe for fast, reliable & secure trading platform working with some of the leading manufacturing facilities both in Pharma and PPE.

The company has a long-term investment perspective and prefers to grow organically through acquisitions in fields where the management has significant experience. The company makes most investments using its own equity capital, which allows optimum flexibility in terms of financing, and consequently swift investment decisions. Company assumes it yearly turnover to quadruple in couple of years.

Norton Bridge Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd maintains close relationships with existing investment structures, funds, and asset managers, and is perpetually devoting efforts to developing its networks in order to identify appropriate investment opportunities.

NORTON BRIDGE Group also maintains a strong relationship with their strategic partners.

Norton Bridge Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd is a premier company investing in various sectors including Clothing, Real Estate, Power Generation (Solar & Hydro), IT services, Healthcare, Electro mechanical, Auryeda,Water, Sewage and property development etc.

The company started with some affiliates that were in existence well before being founded in 2013. NORTON BRIDGE Group is continuously exploring and evaluating business opportunities and endeavoring to expand all of its business vertically and horizontally. The virtual head-quarter of the company is in Sri Lanka and plans to have regional offices in Hong Kong & United Arab Emirates as future expansion.

The company's vision is simple to invest through the strategy of:

  • Focusing on core growth and value added industry sectors
  • Investing in high performance companies with leading brands
  • Maintaining a longer - term investment approach
  • Extracting value from undervalued or underperforming assets
  • Maximizing Stake Holders experience , investment experience and international network of contacts
  • Exploration of selective green field and value-added investment opportunities.
  • Commercial acquisitions of successful businesses opportunities.
  • Collaborations through strategic partnerships and alliances.

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