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NORTON BRIDGE Group portfolio was gradually built up within a few selected industries. The entry into each new industry was carefully considered and often structured to take advantage of NORTON BRIDGE unique access and credibility both locally and regionally.


NORTON BRIDGE with Exports trade as one of their core businesses commenced its primary activity in specializing in the exports of fresh produce from Sri Lanka. It continues to expand its product portfolio to varying types value added food stuffs, teas, spices,batik,herbal infusions and other traditional and non - traditional export products including handlooms, Ayurveda treatment solutions and innovative products produced using locally available raw materials and ingredients within a few specially selected industries. The entry into each new industry was carefully considered and often structured to take advantage of NORTON BRIDGE Group unique access and credibility both locally and regionally.

NORTON BRIDGE exports & global distributions is an innovative model that incorporates, multi-company food products. The Group, has a significant presence in Products, Impulse food, Agricultural product, packaging, export sales and distribution.

Project Management

NORTON BRIDGE Group provides a Project Management service to cover a range of different premises related issues from engineering projects to office moves, providing the full range of the professional teams, including planning supervisors, architects, and structural and building services engineers as required. Working with our clients' staff, NORTON BRIDGE prepare budget forecasts, CAD layouts and planning schedules, before sourcing the specialist contractors necessary to achieve the goals set by our client. Once this is done, we'll monitor the project and report on all progress.

Project Consultancy

NORTON BRIDGE have extensive knowledge and experience providing project investment consultancy services for potential foreign investments in medium and large scale infrastructure projects whilst also delivering new builds both in residential and commercial for both private and public sectors. Our services include;

  • Investments to New build developments
  • Housing Development projects
  • Construction of Hotels, Resorts, Sports & Recreation Centers, Malls, Industrial Factories
  • Road infra
  • Solar Renewable energy
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Colleges
  • Education University
  • Colleges
  • Schools etc.

Investment & Trading

NORTON BRIDGE investment activities are deployed in support of a coherent long-term strategy and include operational investments in the construction sector, Hospital, import and export, trading, manufacturing, real estate investments, and private equity. Our underlying approach to investment is conservative with long-term goals, as well as global and diversified, in terms of industries, markets and sizes. Our creative engagement, our market insight, and our local presence and agility, are qualities that set us apart.

Maintaining a majority share in most of its investments, HRM Group International maintains operational control of the companies, which helps take swift decisions and adapt to an ever-evolving environment.

Benefiting from her own equity capital, HRM Group International is also able to react quickly to new opportunities, but also works in partnership with a large network of investment partners, leveraging the relationships of its experienced management to syndicate investors as required.

The company keeps monitoring long-term trends in the different fields it operates in to identify emerging technologies which could have a positive impact on its operations and development.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

NORTON BRIDGE Groups latest entry is in to the Medical & pharmaceutical industry. With plans to enter as a new player in the field the company plans to expand it portfolio to this highly competitive sector with the sole intention of providing some of latest solutions introduced to this industry. Whether it may be offering new type of drugs and vaccines to some the latest solutions in medical devices & Healthcare solutions available in the global market. Partnered with one a fast-growing company in the Spanish pharmaceutical sector with a pharmaceutical wholesaler authorization (WDA). We plan specializing in the supply and distributions of medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and other pharmaceutical products. In recent years we have built relationships with global players with reputation on two values that are important to us, the quality of our work and the trust placed in us by our customers and partners. This would soon allow us today to be a reference company in the Pharmaceutical sector.

  • We also have plans in leading in providing Oncology treatment solutions by partnering with one of global leaders specialized in field.
  • We wish to specialise in the supplier and marketing of drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and other pharmaceutical products.
  • Build reputation over the next few years on two values that are close to our heart. The quality of our work and the trust placed in NORTON BRIDGE by our customers and partners.


At NORTON BRIDGE we operate across the entire hydrocarbon value chain, through a network of fully integrated companies with interests ranging from exploration, production, storage, refining and distribution, to the development of a wide range of petrochemical products.

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